Ice/Ocean/Climate Research Scientist | Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Professional Profile

  • Ocean-Ice-Climate modeller: Previous postdoctoral research has explored ocean-ice shelf interaction around Antarctica using numerical models.
  • Fulbright scholar (2013-2014; University of Texas, Austin).
  • High impact publications: First-author publication in Nature Communications showing impact of natural variability on the cryosphere.
  • Multidisciplinary experience: Ice shelf-ocean interaction, oceanography, glaciology, climate dynamics and variability, air-sea interaction, computational physics, frequency analysis, ecosystem modelling, statistics
  • High publication outputs: 18 journal articles, 14 conference proceedings and 10 media and public engagement articles (as of June 2021).
  • Innovative and collaborative: Lead UTas component of major international project; lead CI on 4 major competitive grants; published with 49 co-authors from 31 different institutes across 9 countries.
  • Field scientist: senior field scientist on a 3-month Autonomous Underwater Vehicle mission to Antarctica (2018/2019); oceanographer on a 2-month voyage to East Antarctica (2014).